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QED Bladder Pump

QED bladder pump can sample at depths of up to 250 feet. The pump is designed to fit in a 2" or larger well (pump diameter is 1 3/4". Must be rented with the MP10 Controller and 3020 Compressor.

QED MP30 Drawdown meter can be used with the QED bladder pump, controller and compressor. In addition to serving as a "low-level shut-off", the MP30 also serves as a water level meter.


Rental Information:
Part Number Unit Description Daily Weekly Monthly
474-0030 QED Bladder Pump
$54.00 $162.00 $486.00
474-0031 MP30 Drawdown Meter for QED Bladder Pump $21.00 $63.00 $189.00
474-0032 MP10 Controller for QED Bladder Pump $79.00 $237.00 $711.00
474-0033 12VDC Compressor for QED Bladder Pump $35.00 $105.00 $315.00
474-0034 QED Sample Pro Low Flow, 3/4" $54.00 $163.00 $489.00
474-0035 QED MP50 Controller/12VDC Compressor


$369.00 $1107.00

Purchase Support Accessories:

Part Number Unit Description Price
QEDDT-TP4B-FT Twin Line Bonded Tubing
QED38360-2 Additional Bladder, Polyethylene $7.71
QED38380 QED Teflon Bladder $24.60
Purchase Information:
Part Number Unit Description Price
Q010001 QED Bladder Pump
Call for pricing
QEDMP30150 MP30 Drawdown Meter Call for pricing
QEDMP10 MP10 Controller Call for pricing
MAR2000-51 12VDC Compressor Call for pricing
Probe Diameter:
Probe Length:
5/8 O.X. x 7.5" L (1.6 x 19 cm)
9 volt alkaline battery
Battery Life:
30-40 hours
Tape Length:
150 or 300 feet
-40 - 185° F (-40 to 85° C)


Controller and Compressor rented separately. Twin bonded tubing purchased separately.

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