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TSI 8095 N95-Companion to the PortaCount Plus

You no longer have to mess with the tedious and error-prone qualitative methods like Saccharin, Bitrex, and irritant smoke. The N95-Companion works with the PORTACOUNT Plus to provide you with a complete solution to all your fit testing needs. Use the PORTACOUNT alone for masks equipped with Class-99 and Class-100 filters. Simply add the N95-Companion to fit test masks with Class-95 filters, including the popular N95 filtering-facepiece disposables.

Fit Factor Range:
1 to 200
Concentration Range:
0.01 to 5 × 105 particles/cm3
Particle Size Range:
0.04 micrometer (nominal)
Typical Fit Factor Accuracy:
±10% of reading Alcohol
Hours Per Charge:

Alcohol Type:

Temperature Range:
32 to 100°F (0 to 38°C)
2 pounds

Rental Information:

Part Number Unit Description Daily Weekly Monthly
120-1000 N95 Companion with 8026 Particle Generator $105.00 $315.00 $945.00
120-1010 Lap-Top Loaded with Software for Portacount $28.00 $84.00 $252.00

Note: If you want us to do the fit test or train your employees how to fit test please let us know.

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