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Argus-Hazco offers a selection of worker communication related equipment for rent or purchase.

The following products are available:

Argus Comm Kit 1 & 2
The "Argus Comm Kits", are communication systems configured specifically for those working in Confined Spaces, High Noise or Potentially Explosive Environments. >> More Details

Argus Power Talk Box System
The Argus Power Talk Box System from CON-SPACE is a portable intercom system designed to provide untethered, continuous two-way communication between, a Safety Attendant and the Confined Space Entrant/s in his/her care. >> More Details

COMMAND BASE LCD T3 Portable Base Receiver
The Command Base LCD along with the T-PASS or SuperCell alarms, use high-performance radio telemetry providing the lone worker a reliable, easy method to summon help in the event of an emergency.
>> More Details
Communication Accessories
> Automatic Telephone Dialer
> Grace Industries MX900 Micro Transceiver
> Grace Industries Satellite Transceiver Terminal
> Grace Industries Cellular Modem Terminal
GEMS Multichannel Portable Base Receiver
The reliable GEMS Multichannel Portable Base Receiver is designed to work in rugged industrial environments. Alarm Conditions are IMMEDIATELY IDENTIFIED by bright flashing lights and playback of a customized Audio Message. >> More Details
Grace Industries LITE TRACKER
A bright flashing visual indicator that allows instant recognition. The Lite Tracker utilizes a proprietary light multiplying principle that offers high visibility from all directions up to one mile. >> More Details
IN-COMMAND Automated Personnel Accountability
& Emergency Signaling System

Located at the remote monitoring location, IN-COMMAND puts accountability, emergency distress, evacuation capability and incident management at your fingertips through a sophisticated computer software program. >> More Details
Micro T-PASS Repeater
Enhances T-PASS performance and improves system efficiency in large complex buildings, underground parking garages and subways.
More Details
SuperCell Model SC250 Personal Alarm
SuperCell SC250 is a small pager-size transceiver device that provides powerful emergency signaling and monitoring. >> More Details
The SuperCell SC50 is a transmit only stand-alone high performance portable personal emergency alarm. >> More Details
T3 Enhanced Receiver
T3 Enhanced Receiver is a system option designed to enhance signal and propagate reception and should be used whenever possible.
>> More Details
The T3 Repeater is a system option designed to enhance signal effectiveness from the Command Base receivers to PASS or Personal Body Alarms and back in harsh environments. >> More Details
The LTX200 Intrinsically Safe Rechargeable is Grace Industries’ newest addition to our comprehensive line of RF signaling products. LTX200 is a one-way signaling; man-down alarm which transmits encrypted signals for reliable and secure operation. 
>> More Details
T-PASS 3 Evacuate System
The Only Two-Way PASS System that Transmits Alarms and Receives Evacuate Signals. An Incident Commander knows who is on the scene and their safety status. >> More Details
T-Pass Super Pass II
An Auto-On Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) from Grace Industries, Inc. The Auto On feature provides the next level of assurance that PASS® are not only worn, but are turned on Automatically when removed from the Storage position.
>> More Details

Rugged and reliable display and datalogging system. Log real-time data, calibrate YSI 6-Series sondes, setup sondes for deployment, and upload data to a PC with the new, feature-packed YSI 650 MDS (Multiparameter Display System). >> More Details

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